Baby Pilots


Airplane Costume


October 2016

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you EVERYWHERE.

The Client

Aldo is a baby. He doesn't know what he wants yet, but we thought he might want to be a pilot for Halloween and impress all the other babies who would have their store-bought costumes. To soar through the skies in a carboard-turned-airplane and gather all the cotton-candy clouds is his path. Or take a nap through all of it. Either way he would look cool.

The Project

We wanted to create a costume that was easy to assemble and very light to carry. Even by a baby. Fortunately enough we found a design online that had those characteristics and we decided to use that as our starting point.

The materials

The airplane is entirely made of cardboard boxes from Home Improvement centers and it can be easily assembled by hand in very little time. It also needs some glue for the propeller part. That's it. Cardboard and glue. And a baby.

The Final Product

This was a very fast and easy project that delivers great satisfaction with little effort. Aldo had fun. We had fun. Then we all took a nap.
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