Notaría Pública 91


Off-Wall Wood Sign


January 2017

The Company

Notaría Pública 91 is a Notary Public located in the Northern Mexican city of Rio Bravo. They have been providing service to clients in the city for several years and they have a lot of experience and amazing service.

The Project

They wanted a simple sign with a cut-through eagle and name, as well as some engraved decorations around it. Another requirement was that the sign should stand off the wall so they could add lighting later.

The Prototype

We ran a few designs by the client and tried them on a small scale. This helped us figure out that a complex image like an eagle does not carry detail very well when engraved. The decorations were looking pretty goog though.

The standoff

The sign was built as two layers of wood glued together and we has to think about that when designing the holes for the stand-off screws we used. They were stainless steel and added a very cool look to the whole piece.

The Final Product

This project took a long time on the design table and some more on the finishing bench as it needed several coats of stain and finisher to give it that mahogany color. In the end it looked great and we were very happy with it.
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