Snack Stadium


1/4 inch wood


December 2016

The Idea

Whenever we get together with friends we always like to make every moment memorable. That is specially true when you are a sports fan and you are brought together by love of the same team. And we wanted to have a product that would make those parties even better by providing a specially designed place for all your snacks.

The Project

We knew we wanted it to be big so people would have enough space for food to feed an entire army of loyal fans. Also, we wanted it to be modular so you could use as many trays as you needed for each occasion. And last, we wanted it to be durable and re-usable. That way you can just put it away and bring it out for your next sports party!

The design

We began the design process the old-school way with pen and paper. We just needed to get a sense of how the pieces would look and what was going to be needed. We also wrote down some measurements and tentative shapes that we thought might work with the project.

The testing

Once we cut the prototype we tested the holes that would take standard-sized aluminum pans to hold all the goodies you might want to put in them. We designed each module to accomodate deeper pans than the ones we are providing initially, just in case you want to add a bit more depth to that awesome Tres Leches cake you'll be putting there. Please remember to invite us. We promise we'll bring chips.

The final product

We believe our Snack Stadium will be a great conversation starter for your next party, and it will also help you be the best host the world has ever seen. Maybe.
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