Aluhbel Studios


Backlit Sign


December 2016

The Company

Aluhbel is a recording studio located in McAllen, Texas. They work with some of the most talented musicians in the Rio Grande Valley and their studio is loaded with the latest in audio equipment. If you ever need to have a song recorded or a jingle or to rent lights and audio equipment, Aluhbel Studios is the way to go.

The Project

Aluhbel reached out to us because they needed a sign to serve as a backdrop for their main recording area and so that clients coming in for the first time get a good look at the studio's branding. It also needed to be backlit so that the logo silhouette would still be visible when the recording session is in progress and the lights are dimmed. Oh! And it needed to be big. Like 4ft x 4ft big.

The wood parts

The first step in the process was obviously design all the pieces needed. After that we had to cut the letters and the logo head in the laser and make sure they would all fit in the frame we had built for it. There was a lot of sanding, aligning, cutting, aligning again and re-aligning before we were confident it was all ready for electronics.

The electronics

Wiring each letter by hand is not the fastest nor funnest process in the world, but it does end up looking pretty cool after all. It was all connected to a controller with an infrared receiver so the LEDs could be made to change colors ,pulse, fade or flicker with a remote controller. Almost like magic.

The final product

After some painting, and final testing, we were ready to deliver the sign to Aluhbel Studios so they could hang it on their wall and have fun with it. But not as much fun as we had building it.
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